Pandemic Corona is not a reason for layoffs “Companies Must Open Financial Statements! Said Ilhamsyah, the Chair of the KPBI

Oration of Action MayDay Chairperson of the Indonesian Labor Union Confederation (KPBI) Bung ILHAMSYAH / BOING
Oration of Action MayDay Chairperson of the Indonesian Labor Union Confederation (KPBI) Bung ILHAMSYAH / BOING  Jakarta – Indonesia ( 01 /05/2015 )

The Indonesian Port Transportation Workers’ Federation – FBTPI Jakarta, Thursday (09/04). The Covid-19 pandemic situation not only pushed for a health crisis on a global scale, the threat of severe economic damage was also growing in plain sight. Workers in many places experience layoffs, the rest are flocking home. Not a few of the workers who were laid off or laid off did not get any compensation, whether a piece of goods. They are thrown into their respective rented houses, with no certainty from where they will fulfill their living needs. The stories about workers who are ‘dismissed’ but not paid in rows are crowding the news pages, side by side with the potential for the tsunami of layoffs swaying before the eyes . The working class and the poor, once again, will be the main victims, as in every major problem that erupts in various countries, Ilhamsyah said. Thursday, 4/9/2020.

 The global economic situation is already sick, long before the Corona virus is contagious. The fall of economic growth, correction of growth projections by world financial institutions, global tensions caused by the Trade War, and political destabilization in many countries, are imprints that cannot be erased and denied. Too many indicators can be used to arrive at that conclusion: that capitalism being unsteady. Corona makes the diseased body of capitalism wilt and age. No longer has immunity, the body of capitalism deteriorates, sort of getting complications from various diseases. 

Word Trade Organizazion (WTO), the world trade organization based in Geneva, even says the most optimistic scenario for 2020; trade will shrink by 13%. This is not a small number. This figure explains the larger decline compared to the 2008-2009 recession caused by the banking crisis. The WTO also said, like the news I read in The Guardian, there is a risk that is even more gloomy. Global trade will shrink by 32%. This is a big disaster. Equivalent to the decline that occurred between 1929-1932, which history calls it the Great Depression, Ilhamsyah said.

 Furthermore I want to say, this pandemic cannot be used as a means by entrepreneurs for joint hand washing. It is true that a pandemic has stalled the economy. That’s a scientific fact that I won’t deny. But that fact also stands with other facts, Labor does not work only in times of economic downturn. Workers also do not work only in the pandemic period. There is a flopping profit (profits) that have been taken by entrepreneurs. There is a heap of personal wealth that they have accumulated. All that is the result of labor sweat. They have lived in luxury for at least two generations. 

Capitalism always leads people to crisis after crisis. Misery for misery. And in every crisis, it is the working class and the lowest strata of society that will suffer the most suffering. The history of capitalism is the history of the blood and tears of most people. During the 1997/1998 crisis, I happened to be an activist. I witnessed how the people were strangled by the crisis. They are buried into uncertainty. The fall of currencies in Asia, monetary shocks, throwing people in a ‘life or death’ condition. Looting happened. Economic crisis, triggered a political crisis, was born reform. There are many layers of people who became victims in that dark period, he said. 

I want to say, entrepreneurs must open their financial statements, at least the last four years. There is no reason not to do that. This is indeed difficult. Entrepreneurs often avoid. They are reluctant to open the contents of the kitchen. In situations of demands for wage increases in earlier periods, there are also entrepreneurs who claim to be unable to pay, ask for a suspension. But they also never want to open financial reports. Though it is mandatory, there is an audit for filing a suspension,Always bypassed the procedure.

The point is I want to say, monitoring continues the development of the base. Prepare anticipatory steps that are most likely to face the potential of layoffs and the masses of workers’ actions are closed. The work of communication and the database becomes more need to be handled deftly in this regard. If workers are laid off, sue for financial statements! They must prove the pretext to lay off workers. Rep. Mar 

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