Confederation of the Indonesian Labor Union (KPBI) Urges the House of Representatives (DPR) to Return the Omnibuslaw Draft and Focus on Monitoring the Government in Handling Covid 19

Ilhamsyah / Boing Confederation of Indonesian Labor Unions (photo source FBTPI)
Ilhamsyah / Boing Confederation of Indonesian Labor Unions (photo source FBTPI)

FBTPI Jakarta, Monday (04/13). Omnibus Law is a step by President Jokowi’s government which from the first period until today has failed in job creation. Job creation by inviting investors into the country has not been successful. in the first period, and the Government has issued 16 packages of economic policies and economic policies also to facilitate investment flows, ranging from facilitating licensing, tax incentives and decreasing labor costs, Ilhamsyah said.

In addition to the economic policy package the government has also issued a tax amnesty or tax amnesty for tax evaders to withdraw funds parked abroad, apparently this also did not reach the target.Omnibus law is a continued effort to attract investment by cutting down various laws and liberalizing to facilitate investment, said the Chairperson of the Confederation of Indonesian Labor Unions, Ilhamsyah said some time ago. Thursday, 09/04/04 / 2020

According to him, that the main problem of investment that did not enter Indonesia was not touched by the Government, namely corruption. The world economic forum states that corruption is the No. 1 factor in investment not entering Indonesia. And the government actually applies otherwise by revising the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Law which results in further weakening efforts to eradicate corruption in Indonesia.

Ilhamsyah firmly said that the Confederation of the Indonesian Labor Union (KPBI) rejected the omnibus law as a whole. because it does not only affect the workers but to all walks of life. OMNIBUSLAW will have an impact on the seizure of community land, pollution of the environment that will impoverish the people in the countryside. Especially the Draft Work Act will make it easier for owners of capital to control land and natural resources. As for labor, it is clear that the draft work copyright will expand contract and outsourced workers, reduce wages, reduce severance pay, facilitate termination of employment (FLE), threats of loss. Social security and leave rights are eliminated, he explained.

The Confederation of the Indonesian Labor Union (KPBI) condemned the actions of the House of Representatives (DPR) for not listening to the aspirations of the people that had been conveyed in various demonstrations in the previous months. The rejection was not only from the workers but various layers of society, laborers, farmers, fishermen, students, environmental group students, religious leaders and academics, said the Chair of the KPBI.

The House of Representatives (DPR) should have returned the omnibuslaw draft to the government, because it harmed the people and the nation. In the condition of the covid 19 outbreak, the House of Representatives (DPR) should focus more on supervising the government in order to maximize the cessation of the threat of the covid 19 virus, he explained.

Ilhamsyah Chairperson of the KPBI wants the House of Representatives (DPR) not to provoke people to hold demonstrations by continuing to discuss Omnibuslaw, and what the workers need is how the Government instructs employers to dismiss workers by paying their wages.

A month after the corona covid 19 outbreak crippled everything, Indonesia must now face a second blow ‘soaring waves of layoffs (layoffs) impacted the number of unemployment, the government should take active (energetic) steps to sustain the lives of millions of people who suddenly lost their jobs. Rep. Mar

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